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Print on paper your pictures to appreciate your work !

We will say and repeat it again and again : print your art works ! you not only have tracks in case your digital work is definitively lost, but will also appreciate you work if you print it in big (>A4 or 8×12″). You will be able to reveal the depth the field. You don´t believe me ? Take a look at this picture :


Print it big !

Look at this picture from the renowned fashion photographer Richard Avedon. On the left you can feel like both the woman and the elephants are in focus. Now have a look at the picture on the right : yeah! the dress is in focus, elephants are not. How can you really appreciate the work of the photographer print in a stamp size paper or mobile devices such an iPhone ? you just can´t. You need to watch it in big.

We will conclude the post by the following : In the same idea, if you feel like a picture you´ve taken lacks of DoF and sharpness just stretch you image, reduce the size of it, and you will notice it becomes sharper and sharper, the more you reduce the size, the more you feel your expanding the range of the DoF.