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Shooting my pictures in RAW or JPEG, which digital format best fits my needs ?

This is the 1,000,000 US$ question, and you can see it regularly on internet. You also will find testimonies of amateurs/ passionate photographers saying they shoot JPEG, other RAW, and also Pro who only shoot RAW and other shooting … Jpeg.
So ? what´s the deal ? Look at the following picture :


If we look carefully at the picture we can more details in the clouds on the RAW pict. We also realize than the blue layer (RGB) of the JPEG photo is burnt, so the dynamic of the RAW pict is way superior to JPEG. there much more information in a RAW file, the reason why the file in heavier, tlaking about its digital size.

If your exposure is so so, you also will be able to bring back more details in the shadows and highlights when correcting it with a de-RAWtizer program, such as Camera RAW for instance.

So, do have I to always shoot RAW ? Well talking about the quality of the picture yes, but there are also other elements to take into account, such as the space of the file  stored in your hard drive, the caracteristics of your computer to process heavy RAW files, your time you want to invest to post-process your pictures, etc … Journalists/ Sport photographers who have to send quickly their work usually shoot JPEG for time savings.

If you want to read more I can advise to you a good post from SLR Lounge here : RAW vs JPEG (JPG) – The Ultimate Visual Guide